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Apr '24

Loom Fabrics 10 year birthday

10 years – This baby is growing up 😍 our transition from Brick-and-Mortar to Online Treasure Trove 🤩

Can you believe that 10 years ago, Charlotte moved here from Sydney as a young 20 something,  rented a store, took a trip to Europe, bought some stock and started Loom Fabrics? Did you know that the first shipment got delayed by two months, and Charlotte was paying rent on an empty store? Imagine the stress she would have endured! How far we have come🤩  There are always trials in small business and we are super excited to have survived 10 years in June this year!

To celebrate 10 years, and face a few realities in a landscape where the digital realm increasingly dominates retail, we have made a strategic pivot from our physical storefront after a decade of serving as a haven for fabric enthusiasts. The decision to close our bricks and mortar doors marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the beloved fabric hub.

Loom Fabrics Store will become a vibrant online business, with a mission to inspire creativity and foster connection in today’s digital age. 🤩🥳✄🪡🧵

For ten years, Loom Fabrics Store has stood as a beacon of inspiration in Bowral, welcoming designers, sewists and hobbyists through our doors. The shelves have been adorned with a kaleidoscope of colours and textures which have  sparked the imaginations of all who have entered.

However, with the evolving retail landscape and the increasing prevalence of online shopping, we have had to face the inevitable challenge of adapting to changing consumer behaviours. Rather than resisting the shift, we have seized the opportunity for transformation 🤩.

For those who can’t buy without touching – before you complain – we also plan on hosting quarterly Fabric Festivals, the first one being held in our current store as a “last hurrah” to full time retail and to serve as a celebration of 10 years in business. It will be held June 7/8/9 (Friday Sat Sun of the long weekend)

We will be selling our current fabrics you know and love, you will get an introduction to our new online offerings, there will be workshops, and a wonderful day of social sewing, where we can all connect with each other. There will also be a Sewing Bee inspired competition which will run for a couple of hours with great prizes for the winners!

This transition isn’t merely about selling fabrics; it’s about fostering a community centred around creativity and connection in the digital sphere. Through virtual workshops, live demonstrations, and interactive forums, we will try to create a digital space where creatives and sewists can come together to learn, share, and inspire one another. We recognise the significance of human connection in an increasingly isolated world. Through the online platform, we hope to cultivate relationships among customers, fostering collaboration, camaraderie, and mutual support.

As we embark on this new chapter, it comes with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. While the physical doors may have closed, the spirit of creativity and community  is thriving!


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