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What’s in store this August Lockdown

Loom Fabrics new shopfront

What’s in store:

Just because the store is shut for visitors doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration or what you need sent out 🤩

I have some sewing work to do, so will be in the store most days where all my equipment is, and able to send out any orders or swatches in between homeschooling 😜

I’m checking out if I’m allowed to do click and collect as an option also.
For those who have alterations to pick up – I guess that has to be an allowed option but I need to check. Will keep you posted on this.

Whilst I haven’t yet set up an official online store, I now have a PayPal account that I can use to invoice. This gives you extra coverage with regards to the online shopping experience and means you don’t have to give me credit card details over the phone. I can email you an invoice with a link that takes you straight to Paypal for payment.


We have three bays of linens – varieties of weight and textures.  If there is anything that sparks your interest give me a call on 0493 066 348 or email through your enquiry and we can work out the best way to get you organised 🤩

Linens in a variety of weights and prints or weaves


A bunch of different textures and weights in wools – from skirts and pants to heavy coats – we have you covered!

Loom fabrics Wools August 21

Heavier coating weights and boiled or felted wools

Loom Fabrics transeason wools

Lighter weight transeasonal wools

Wool TRanseasonal dress with short sleeves - work in progress

Transeasonal short sleeve wool dress – work in progress for one of our clients 🤩


So many to choose from – varieties of weight and textures.  You can come out of this lockdown into spring weather like a butterfly bursting out of its cocoon if you sew up some of these beauties 🦋

Loom Fabrics Cotton prints

A good range of interesting quality cotton prints.

Loom Fabrics cotton prints and stretch drills

Stretch drills, corduroys and other spring fabrics 🧵

vLoom Fabrics Liberties and japanese printed floral cottons

Our range of Liberty Tana Lawns mixed in with some lovely Japanese Cotton prints – the cottons are so soft to the touch 🤗

Silks, velvets and fancy fabric:

Stealing the words of Loreal, You’re worth it 🤩

Loom fabrics silks for blouse or dress weights

It s a great time to try sewing something you haven’t done before. If you’ve always been afraid of sewing silk, why not give it a go? No one will know if you mess it up, which you probably won’t anyway! It’s such a lovely fabric to wear, and we have a great selection of prints to choose from.

Loom Fabrics after 5 fancies

Just because you’re not allowed out doen;t mean you can’t dress for a fancy occasion 👑👸

Our range of after 5’s and fancies will make anyone get out of their funk and feel great!

Loom Fabrics velvet and silk

More silks and velvets to choose from 🤩

Velvet lockdown-lounge-wear for anyone?

Trims, haberdashery and elastic:

Bringing the remainder of the shop to you 🤩

Loom Fabrics selection of sewing trims
Loom Fabrics haberdashery stand
Loom Fabrics elastics

Look forward to keeping you inspired and seeing you all in person real soon 🤩


Join up for creative sewist inspiration and our Loom annual birthday gift 🤩