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Tween Fashion How To Book and Goodie Bag


Looking for something to entertain the kids this cold and rainy school holidays? Why not get them this book and goody bag and get them sewing?

Suited to both boys and girls this fantastic book has great instructions, comes with a pattern selection in the rear of the book, and also a goodie bag with some bits and pieces for the kids to mess around with. Only $50 is a bargain – I only have a few left.

Match it up with a sewing kit HERE and a surprise fabric pack they will be entertained (and problem-solving) for hours!

Give the kids a project to while away some wintery hours these school holidays.

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Loom Fabrics, Bowral Fabric Store


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The kit will come with some small pieces of fabric – aprox 1 m, and some trims and other interesting finds.



Some bonus points to get kids sewing 🤪:

  1. Creative Expression: Choose your favourite fabric
  2. Mindful Crafting: Enjoy the therapeutic process of sewing, allowing you to slow down, relax, and focus on a rewarding project.
  3. Sustainable Fashion: Create your own clothing, reducing waste and supporting a more sustainable fashion approach.
  4. Skill Building: Improve your sewing skills and learn new techniques, boosting your confidence in your craft.
  5. Personal Satisfaction: Experience the joy and pride of wearing something you made with your own hands, adding a personal touch to your wardrobe.
  6. Thoughtful Gifting: Sew a Warm Cardy as a heartfelt gift for friends or family, showing your love and creativity.


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