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Liberty Washed Denim Paisley Mercerised Cotton

$44.00 per metre

Beautiful washed denim look paisley fashion print from Liberty of London. The cloth is a gorgeous mercerized cotton, slightly heavier than Tana Lawn.

100% Cotton 

Soft and smooth hand feel

  • 145cm Wide
  • 160gsm aprox
  • Guterman thread C82
  • We particularly love this fabric for the Lacey Dress 
  • We have used this fabric in our Lacey Dress Kit

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Loom Fabrics, Bowral Fabric Store


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Beautiful washed denim look paisley fashion print from Liberty of London. The cloth is a gorgeous mercerized cotton, slightly heavier than Tana Lawn.
This beautiful print on mercerized cotton, is 140 cm wide, and $44 a metre. Mercerized cotton has a shinier finish and is more durable and colourfast than other cotton base cloths.
It has a beautiful, soft and smooth texture, and is more resistant to shrinkage.
The print is a heavily textured Paisley, and looks washed. Goes beautifully with our cotton chambray.

Mercerized cotton is a specially treated type of cotton fabric or thread that has undergone a process called mercerization. This process enhances the physical and chemical properties of cotton, resulting in improved luster, strength, and dye uptake. Here are some qualities and characteristics of mercerized cotton:

1. **Luster:** Mercerized cotton has an enhanced and attractive sheen or luster. This is due to the alteration of the cotton fibers’ surface structure during the mercerization process, which causes light to reflect more uniformly and create a shiny appearance.

2. **Strength:** Mercerization increases the tensile strength of cotton fibers. This means that mercerized cotton is more durable and less prone to breakage compared to regular untreated cotton. The fibers can withstand more tension and stress without snapping.

3. **Color Retention:** Mercerized cotton has better color retention properties. The process allows the cotton fibers to absorb and hold dye more effectively, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors even after multiple washes.

4. **Softness and Smoothness:** Mercerized cotton tends to be softer and smoother to the touch compared to untreated cotton. The process causes the fibers to swell slightly and become rounder, leading to a smoother surface texture that feels pleasant against the skin.

5. **Shrinkage Resistance:** Mercerized cotton is less likely to shrink when exposed to washing and drying compared to regular cotton. The treatment stabilizes the fibers’ structure, reducing the extent of shrinkage that might occur during laundering.

6. **Absorbency:** While mercerization enhances many properties of cotton, it does lead to a slight reduction in absorbency. The altered fiber structure may make it slightly less absorbent than untreated cotton, but this is generally not a significant concern for most applications.

7. **Resistance to Mildew and Moths:** Mercerized cotton has improved resistance to mildew and moth damage due to the structural changes in the fibers. This makes it a more durable choice, particularly for textiles that might be stored for longer periods.

8. **Versatility:** Mercerized cotton can be used in a wide range of applications, including clothing (such as shirts, dresses, and blouses), bed linens, towels, and various other textiles. Its enhanced properties make it suitable for both functional and decorative purposes.

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