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Spring Dress Fun and games – comfy as a muumuu, stylish as a Jackie O shift dress


Check out this simple to intermediate Yuki shift dress (with pockets) to stitch, using trans-seasonal, mid-weight, pure wool or wool blend fabric.

The Queen of multi-tasking shift dresses, good for any weather event ☀/⛈ , Like this week – 24 one day, 5 the next in my hometown!

Layer it up in cooler weather or on its own when the warmer weather hits!  😍

Did I mention pockets? ✨✨

Yuki Trans-seasonal shift dress for cooler days
Rel wearing Yuki dress in black wool with winter styling
Yuki Trans-seasonal shift dress for warmer days

Yuki Dress Pattern:

The Yuki Dress pattern by Tessuti is a great style – I wear mine all the time 💖💖💖

Easy to follow instructions and a great result😊


1/2 a day – make it in the morning and wear it to lunch!

Sewing machine, overlocker if you have one or zig-zag on your regular machine

What you need:

  • 1-2 meters fabric (depending on width)
  • Sewing machine (overlocker if available but not necessary)
  • Scissors
  • Tessuti Yuki Pattern
  • Thread

How you’ll put it together:

As always, remember to wash the fabric first! If you have chosen wool, a warm hand wash and line dry in the shade will do the trick.

Follow the excellent instructions included in the pattern ✨✨

Give yourself about 4 hours depending on your speed and ability.

What’s in store right now suited to this fun dress:

Mid weight wools:

There are a big variety of  gorgeous weights and colours in here for this fun take on a shift dress, and these wool fabrics have magic natural thermal properties that will keep you warm in winter and cool in Spring! 🤩

Loom Fabrics Mid weight wools fashion colours
Loom Fabrics Mid weight wools nuetrals
Loom Fabrics Mid weight wools darker colours

Mid weight wools and wool blends – call 0493 066 348 or email for width and cost per meter

Heavier Weight Wools:

For those of us in the areas where we will still have cool weather for a while yet – a crop sleeve shift dress is a great layering option.

Loom Fabrics heavier weight wools

Heavier weight trans-seasonal wools – perfect for in-between seasons in cooler climates like Southern Highlands  and regional NSW (or other cooler places!) ✨❤

Trims, haberdashery and elastic:

Just in case you get the urge to bedazzle your creation!  🤩

Loom Fabrics selection of sewing trims
Loom Fabrics haberdashery stand
Loom Fabrics elastics

Just because the store is shut for visitors doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration or what you need sent out 🤩

I  will be in the store most afternoons while we are closed, and able to send out any orders or swatches after homeschooling or if you are local you can click and collect 😜

Please remember if you do come to collect you are not allowed into the store, and you must check-in. I can bring the eftpos terminal to the door though so all good!

Whilst I haven’t yet set up an official online store, I have a PayPal account that I can use to invoice. This gives you extra coverage with regards to the online shopping experience and means you don’t have to give me credit card details over the phone. I can email you an invoice with a link that takes you straight to Paypal for payment. This also means you can buy exactly the amount of fabric you wish!

Look forward to keeping you inspired and seeing you all in person real soon 🤩


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