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Rel @ Loom Fabrics

Rel grew up watching her Mum, Nola, sitting at a sewing machine! From alterations to sample machining, there was no stopping Nola from sewing.

It was no surprise when Rel made her first electric blue corduroy matching jacket and knickerbocker ensemble to wear to the movies for her 12th birthday!

Rel followed her mother’s footsteps and went on to study fashion at East Sydney, one of the more prestigious colleges at the time.

Since finishing her studies, Rel has worked many years in fashion manufacturing, made herself and her friends many more brightly coloured party outfits, run her own label at a national wholesale level with a flagship store in Sydney, taught through the TAFE system, and now, owns her own fabric retail store with plans to start marketing her own dressmaking patterns!

Rel teaches basic cutting, sewing, personal fitting, and pattern alterations at Loom.

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