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Sewing Classes

About our Bowral
Sewing Classes

If you want to learn how to use a sewing machine to stitch your own garments or have a project you would like help completing, come and join one of our sewing classes.

We have classes for beginners, and refreshers for those who have lost their “sewjo” and confidence. Our classes are fluid and fun, a relaxed atmosphere with a focus on learning new skills, enjoyment and the sense of achievement that comes with completing projects.

For our beginner classes we are not about perfection, but instead satisfying some instant gratification needs by completing basic sewing projects.

The first ones will be messy and wonky but we can proudly say “I made this”. In each and every following project our skills develop and improve, inadvertently practising as we grow our sewing skill base.

Send us an email or talk to us in-store if you have some specialty class requests 🧵🪡

Loom Fabrics, Bowral Fabric Store
Bowral Sewing Classes, Loom Fabrics
Loom Fabrics, Bowral Fabric Store
Bowral Sewing Classes, Loom Fabrics


You can hire a machine from us for the lesson. For classes we use Bernette sewing machines we buy from our local supplier in Mittagong,  Know How Sewing Essentials. These are a great sewing machine for beginners.

Look at our Kids 11-14 Intermediate Class – if you can show us you are capable you can move up early.

During the beginner classes we will work with stable woven fabrics and you will make a tote bag to carry your machine over the first few weeks. We will move onto an elastic waist skirt, then later in the year progress to shorts, and t-shirt, building on our skills as we go.

Sadly not yet. It’s on my list to go through the application process, and I do hope to be ready for this later in the year.

Not really. If you book the whole term, you do kind of get a free pass for one lesson. Because our classes are popular and busy, it’s difficult and potentially unsafe to squish more people into an already full class. But feel free to discuss if you wish.

It gets tricky for us to manage if students don’t come for the whole term and are not completing projects in conjunction with other students. It is our preference that you commit to the term, ensuring our program runs smoothly for all.

Creative Learning

Our workshops encourage an element of experimentation and breaking through perceived limitations. Our sessions focus on creative learning and social connections in a fun environment 🤩😍🪡🧵

Quite often, sewing is a solitary activity, and it is a lovely opportunity to come together and not only learn some new skills, but hopefully also share some if your own wisdom  (not limited to sewing 🤪)

Our classes push through boundaries and leverage opportunities to try new things – more for the fun of it without the pressure. Not every project is going to turn out as you intend. We focus on the playfulness and exploration, with the end result in mind but not always the only outcome 🤩.

Hands on creativity and its benefits are highly celebrated at the Creation Station.

Did you know repetitive hand movements help release endorphins? And we have lost many opportunities to inadvertently grab some of these lovely feel good and free chemicals this century. So many of our actions have been automated- washing machines, chopping food, kneading dough, mixing are just a few examples.

Sewing is a wonderful,  relaxing activity that gives you so much more than just new clothes.

Sewing is fantastic mental stimulation for both the left and right brain.

  • Firstly, the creative planning:
    • Choosing a style and pattern
    • Sifting through and selecting  a beautiful fabric in glorious colours or prints
    • The joy of searching for and selecting and adding trims, buttons or other design features that make the project unique.
  • Then the problem solving – fitting the pattern to the fabric available,
    • sizing correctly,
    • interpreting pattern instructions (which so often seem to be written as if in another language 😘)
  • Learning new methods of stitching and construction that work with the fabric and style combination you have created.
  • Finishing techniques and the final garment give a wonderful sense of satisfaction and achievement, and the added benefit of boosting the self-esteem of both the creator and the wearer 😍

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