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Cotton Chambray

$18.95 per metre

Cotton Chambray Yarn Dye

100% Cotton 

Crisp and soft  hand feel

  • 110cm Wide
  • 160gsm aprox
  • Guterman thread C82
  • We particularly love this fabric for the Lacey Dress 

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Loom Fabrics, Bowral Fabric Store


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A wonderful fabric staple – crisp cotton Chambray.

This particular fabric does have about 10% shrinkage when put through the washing machine and dryer on harsh wash (as everything gets washed at my house 🤪) – it’s a definite wash before you cut, but washes well and is a durable weight.

It’s a lovely shade of blue and white yarn dye.

  • Cotton chambray is renowned for its softness and comfort, making it ideal for clothing that requires a comfortable and breathable feel.
  • The natural fibers in cotton chambray allow for excellent breathability, making it suitable for warmer weather or active wear.
  • Cotton is a sturdy material, and chambray’s weaving technique enhances its durability, ensuring the fabric can withstand regular use and washing.
  • Cotton chambray can be used for a wide range of clothing items, including shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, and lightweight jackets.
  • The fabric’s appearance strikes a balance between casual and elegant, making it suitable for both relaxed and slightly more formal occasions.
  • Chambray often features a unique texture with a mix of colored yarns in the warp and white yarns in the weft, giving it a subtle visual appeal.
  • In addition to clothing, chambray can also be used for creating stylish home textiles like curtains, cushion covers, and tablecloths.

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