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Pink Rayon Stripe

$22.00 per metre

Fushia Pin Stripe Rayon

100% Rayon 

Soft weighty and drapey  hand feel

  • 110cm Wide
  • 140gsm aprox
  • Guterman thread col 321
  • We particularly love this fabric for the Lacey Dress 

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Loom Fabrics, Bowral Fabric Store


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A fun drapey fabric with a teal, green and black pinstripes

This particular fabric does have about 10% shrinkage when put through the washing machine and dryer on harsh wash (as everything gets washed at my house 🤪) – it’s a definite wash before you cut, but washes well and is a lovely soft and fluid drapey weight.

  • On-Trend Hue: The fushia color is  a bold and eye-catching option for those wanting to make a statement. The added pinstripe pattern giving a stylish and playful look.
  • Versatile Rayon Texture: Rayon’s soft and smooth texture makes it suitable for various clothing items like dresses and blouses. The hot pink pinstripe rayon fabric combines comfort and style, adaptable for both casual and semi-formal wear.
  • Breathable Comfort: Rayon’s breathability ensures comfort, making it ideal for warm weather or summer clothing. The hot pink pinstripe pattern enhances both style and practicality, offering a comfortable option for diverse occasions.


– Rayon is a man-made fiber derived from natural cellulose, often wood pulp.
– It possesses a smooth, soft texture, providing comfort when worn against the skin. Rayon fabric can have a lustrous appearance.
– Rayon fabrics have good draping qualities, creating a flowing and elegant appearance.

– When touched, rayon fabric feels cool and breathable, making it suitable for warm weather.

– It is often lightweight and has a smooth surface, providing a pleasant tactile experience.
– Rayon has good moisture absorption properties, making it comfortable to wear in different climates.

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