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Sep '22

Something from nothing sewing challenge, Loom Fabrics

“Something From Nothing” Sewing Challenge

Mystery Pack Samples

The packs contain one piece of fabric approx 1-1.5m, and some coordinating piece/s, trims.

80% of the finished garment should be from the contents of the mystery pack.

Come join our Sewing Competition, Top-Dead Gorgeous!

Pick up a mystery pack (you can choose by colour), and create a top showcasing your technical skills along with your creative flair to win one of three prizes!!

Packs are $20 for ASG Members or $30 for non-members (you can join at for $50 a year and get access to tons of great resources and real creative people)

Packs are to be collected from Loom Fabrics.

The finished items will be showcased in a parade at 2pm on the 15th October 2022 at The Bowral CWA, and judged on both design and finish/technique.

The packs include some stash-busting pieces, trims, and haberdashery. The aim is to use 80% of the content of the pack in your “Top”, and creativity is taken into account.

1st Prize: $200 LOOM FABRICS Store Voucher

2nd Prize: $100 LOOM FABRICS Store Voucher

3rd Prize: $50 LOOM FABRICS Store Voucher


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