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Jul '23

liberty of london tana lawn fabric in Loom Fabrics Store Window

The Allure of New Fabric: Why It’s Okay to Expand Your Stash

It’s not uncommon to hear our sewists discussing the need to sew through their fabric stash before acquiring new fabric. Just so you know, there are times when it’s equally justifiable to indulge in fresh fabrics and add to your collection 🤩🤩😍. Here’s why!

1. Exploring New Trends and Designs

Fashion and design are ever-evolving landscapes, influenced by trends, seasons, and personal preferences. Purchasing new fabric allows you to stay current and experiment with the latest styles and patterns. It opens up opportunities to work with innovative textiles, vibrant colors, and unique textures that may not be present in your existing stash. By embracing new fabrics, you can broaden your creative horizons and infuse your projects with a fresh and contemporary appeal. Winning!

2. Inspiration and Motivation

For many sewists, fabric shopping is a delightful source of inspiration. Exploring a fabric store or browsing online retailers can spark ideas and ignite the creative flame. New fabrics can serve as a muse, triggering visions of what you can create and motivating you to embark on exciting projects. The allure of new fabric can rejuvenate your enthusiasm for sewing, reignite your passion, and drive you to experiment with different techniques and styles.

3. Supporting Small Businesses and Independent Designers

The world of fabric commerce is a diverse landscape, consisting of small businesses and independent designers who create unique and exclusive fabrics. By purchasing new fabric, you contribute to the growth and sustainability of these businesses. Supporting local or independent fabric suppliers fosters a sense of community and helps sustain the creative ecosystem. It also allows you to access a wider range of fabrics, supporting craftsmanship, innovation, and the continuation of traditional textile practices.

4. Building a Versatile and Well-Stocked Collection

A well-curated fabric stash offers endless possibilities for future projects. While it’s resourceful to utilize existing materials, adding new fabrics strategically expands your options. By diversifying your collection, you can build a range of fabrics suitable for various seasons, occasions, and styles. Having a versatile stash allows you to take on spontaneous projects, participate in sewing challenges, or respond to unexpected inspiration. It ensures that you always have the right fabric at hand to bring your creative visions to life ✄✄✄✄

5. It’s been there for 30 years……

I had a lovely customer in one afternoon, and I hope I am not getting her story twisted. She lost EVERYTHING in the Lismore floods. But you know what she said? She’d been carrying that hoarded fabric stash around for decades thinking one day she will get around to using it, and suddenly that burden was lifted. She was thrilled to buy new fabric that she was excited to use instead of chugging through a pile of uninspiring fabric.

Why is it we feel the need to hang onto, and use fabric in the stash if it no longer brings us the joy it once did?  If you don’t like the fabric anymore (if it’s been in your stash for 20 years for instance) then move it on, and buy something you love and will enjoy stitching!

Would you still have an ugly kitchen or bathroom after 30 years because it still functioned perfectly well? Nope! Life is too short to sew stuff you don’t really LOVE. The achievement should not be coming from an empty fabric cupboard, but instead, the sewing and creative process.

While there’s some merit in sewing through your fabric stash, it’s equally important to embrace the joy and excitement of shopping for new fabrics. So, feel empowered to indulge in the allure of new fabrics, and let your sewing journey be a harmonious blend of utilizing existing materials and embracing the thrill of new discoveries. Happy stitching!


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