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Aug '23


Collar Pin Tuck Dress – Making the StyleArc Xanthe @ Loom Fabrics Bowral

The program to make the Xanthe Woven Dress by Style Arc in class at Loom Fabrics runs for 7 weeks.

Week 1:
In Week 1, we learn how to measure ourselves, determine our size for this particular style, and also double-check the finished garment measurements back to our bodies.
We learn how to determine which size we are cutting, cut the patterns, and cut out our fabric. A jam-packed first session. Sewing machines are not needed for this session but you will need your paper scissors, fabric scissors, fabric, fusing, pins and tape measure. The pattern is provided as part of your class (or kit) fee.
Week 2:
During Week 2,  we learn how to sew the tucks in the dress. We look at options for pin tucks:  the tucks being on the right or wrong side of the fabric. (external or internal “pleats”)
We also look at how the detail of the fabric may impact the look of the tucks. For example if you have a stripe or checked fabric. We also explore how we may create various different effects by playing with the tucks and manipulating the fabric to create different finishes.
A thorough YouTube guide for accurately sewing tucks HERE
Week 3:
During Week 3, we learn how to assemble and attach the collar, how to apply iron-on fusing, and attaching facings. We also look at collar options and the option of not having the collar on this particular dress at all?  We look at pattern reviews, and talk about pattern hacks. We discuss that the collar on this pattern is quite wide and determine if we individually would like to narrow it a bit or leave it as is – or go collar-less?
We also apply labels to Centre Back facing, and look at bind options as a way to finish the facing edge, and how that might impact the final result of the garment depending on the weight and opacity of the outer fabric.
Week 4:
In Week 4, we assemble the sleeve and the cuff. We also discuss options like switching the cuff to be an elastic gathered option and checking sleeve length.
Week 5:

Week 5 has us focussing on side seam inserted pockets, and completing the side seams of the dress. This is finally the time we get to check the fit of the dress on ourselves and make any adjustments we want to prior to finishing.

Week 6:

In Week 6, we learn how to set in the sleeve, and work on any fit adjustments now that the garment is close to completion.

Week 7:

Week Seven is Catch up, double check and make any fit adjustments, and finish the hem.

Style Arcs Tutorial for sewing their Xanthe Woven Dress HERE

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